Conferences and talks


A list of all conferences I have attended, including those in which I have presented.

Category theory session at AustMS, December 2018, Adelaide University (partially funded by the Student Support Scheme)

Derived geometry and higher categorical structures in geometry and physics, June 2018, Fields institute, Toronto, Canada (funded by MSRI)

Topology in Australia and South Korea, April 2018, IBS-CGP, Pohang, South Korea

AMSI Summer School, January 2018, Monash University, Melbourne

Category theory, algebraic topology, and K-theory session at AustMS, December 2017, Macquarie University, Sydney

WIMSIG, September 2017, University of South Australia (received travel grant)

Topology in Australia and South Korea, May 2017, University of Melbourne

Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, June 2016, Matrix, Creswick

AMSI Summer School, January 2015, University of Newcastle (received travel grant)

AMSI summer research project, January 2014, University of New South Wales (funded by AMSI)
(project report: TQFTs and Information theory)

Other presentations

Graduate topology seminar, 2018

Hopf invariant as an application of Steenrod squares in Steenrod squares talk, 2018

Cobordism talk in Dan Murphet’s seminar on TQFTs, 2017