For Windows users, MikTeX is my preferred installation.  You can download extra packages as needed through an intuitive interface.  Otherwise, there is TeXLive which works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Then there are the programs for actually typing up your work.  Of course, you can just use any text editor, including TeXWorks which comes with both MikTeX and TeXLive.

  • LyX has an interface very much like Microsoft Word, so it’s good for those with no programming experience.
  • TeXMaker is my favourite
  • TeXStudio is a updated version of TeXMaker, but some of its extra features are annoying (like closing parentheses whenever you type an open parenthesis)
  • Notepad++ if you just want a good text editor rather than anything specific to LaTeX


Here’s a template for writing up your homework in LaTeX.  All you need to do is change the file extension to .tex instead of .txt



Detexify is a website where you can draw a symbol and it tells you what the LaTeX code is.